Kids Interior Smoke Series 1 1/4'' width


Kids Interior Smoke Series with the option of 4 flip top buckles to choose from! These rugged belts belts are made from the inner jacket of the fire hose!! Tough, durable and built to last! Offering Antique Brass, Antique silver, Matte Black and Matte Nickel!
Please refer to our size chart before selecting size! Please email me at with any questions!


  • Child XS- Antique Silver
  • Child S- Antique Silver
  • Child M- Antique Silver
  • Child L- Antique Silver
  • Child XS- Antique Brass
  • Child S- Antique Brass
  • Child M- Antique Brass
  • Child L- Antique Brass
  • Child XS- Black
  • Child S- Black
  • Child M- Black
  • Child L- Black
  • Child XS- Nickel Matte
  • Child S- Nickel Matte
  • Child M- Nickel Matte
  • Child L- Nickel Matte